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Your financial metrics, bookkeeping, and taxes in one delightful app. Get real-time visibility and peace of mind.

Trusted by founders and operators from inception to scale

Get more than peace of mind

Avoid tax consequences

Get federal and state taxes filed ahead of time. Never get bad surprises from the IRS.

Zero accounting jargon

Visibility of burn, runway, financials in simple language. Make better data-driven strategic decisions.

No work, no headaches

Do nothing every month and get the info you need.

Leave accounting and taxes to Finta.

Have questions about accounting, tax, and finance?

Ask away, there are no dumb questions!

A single easy-to-use platform

Replace your bookkeepers, tax accountant, Quickbooks, and Google Sheets

Still doing the same categorizations... and waiting weeks for the books?

Join hundreds of VC-backed growing companies already using Finta to make accounting their superpower.

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